Monday, September 3, 2007

The Best Birthday Present I Have Received Part 2

This is part 2 of my best birthday present this year.

What you see here is the left cubicle of the toilet at Block 15,Dempsey Road.

Although it is the same brand as the right cubicle,it is not the same batch.The flushing sound is also different.

Look at the water hole.For this one,the bottom is not a smooth curve.It is slightly pointed.Unlike the one you saw in part 1,which is a smooth curve.

This is the mid 1980s batch of SPs.The flushing sound is louder.There is more pressure.The sound is not smooth like the early 1980s batch.

This type of toilet can be found at Beauty World Center Basement 1 toilet.

I am a fan of SP toilets.No matter which model.I grew up with these toilets,it's sad that they are going to become extinct soon.

The only good thing is that at least I have them on videos and photos.Enjoy the video...

The Best Birthday Present I Have Received!Part 1

As a lover of toilets,it's natural that toilets are very important to me.A week ago,I thought this toilet was a goner.I thought I would never be able to see it again or to shoot videos of it ever.

On Sunday 26th August 2007,I paid a visit to this toilet,hoping to be able to shoot it.To my shock,it was blocked up and locked.I thought it was going to be renovated.It was really sad.

Today,since it's my birthday and feeling lucky,I decided to venture again.Hopefully this toilet will still be around.

Thank God,it's still around and it's opened when I went to see it.

This is the best birthday present I have received.I want to share them with you.There are 2 parts to this as there are 2 cubicles in this toilet.This is the right cubicle.

Both cubicles are SPs.This is the early 1980s batch.

As you can see,the bottom of the water hole is a smooth curve.When you view the video,you will hear that the flushing sound is very smooth.This type of SP can be found in any HDB flats or shophouses built from 1980 to 1982.

Before I move on to part 2,let me introduce this toilet...

This toilet is located at Block 15,Dempsey Road.I don't know how long will it be around.If you like SP toilets,do pay this toilet a visit before they renovate it.

Enjoy the video...