Friday, March 30, 2007

Singapore's Potex Part 2

The Potex you see on the left is another extinct toilet.It's the Bukit Batok Bus Interchange toilet before renovation.You won't see it again.I post it here to relive the old days.

It used to have a cistern until they changed it to automatic flush.The automatic flushing sound sucks big time.

Nothing beats the cistern.This was one of my favourites until they changed the cistern to auto flush.But the worst thing was they renovated it.

The rectangular shaped one on the right is the later batch of Potexs.They belong to the 1990s era.This one was taken at International Plaza.It was not the original toilet because International Plaza was built in 1976 and this is a 1990s toilet.In fact to be very exact,it's era is between 1991 to 1993.

You can find this at Plaza Singapura before it was renovated(the 2nd time).This can also be found at Chinatown Point and Kovan Center.There may be other places which I have omitted.

Anyway,I'm not really that fond of this model.I still prefer the first batch of Potexs.

There a few models which came out in after 1998.I will try to take the photos and post them here.Meanwhile,just enjoy these few.Coming up next...we'll take a look at the SPs.Singapore's dominating brand of toilets during the 1970s to 1980s.(By the way,those are my favourite)
Till then...

Singapore's Potex Part 1

Let me introduce the first brand...POTEX.

Potex is pretty common in Singapore.It's the next generation of SPs.I wonder why SP ceased production.Potex appeared around 1985 and lasted till the early 1990s for the first model.You can see them in the following pictures...

The Potex you see above was taken at a shophouse at Hougang Avenue 8.It was very difficult to find an original toilet there because all the coffee shops have renovated their toilets.I went to buy a collector's card from this shop and asked the shopkeeper for permission to use the toilet.I paid $5 bucks to take this photo.

The one you see at the left is taken at a Public Toilet at Block 266 Serangoon Central.You won't be able to find this toilet anymore because it has been renovated.

What's really great about this toilet is that it has a Shires Cistern.The Shires Cistern is one of the best ones I've ever flushed.Or in fact it's the best.Just need a little force and the flushing pressure is really great.

Plus the fact that the feel is good.There's a springy effect when you pull the handle.

The photo you see on the right is the full view of
the toilet.The Shires Cistern is black in color.

It's not easy to be able to find this type of Cistern in Singapore.If you are lucky,there's still one more at Beauty World Center,Level 3 toilet.

Shires Cistern belongs to the mid-1980s era.You can find it at Funan Center,The Adelphi and Beauty World Center back then.It's still my favourite.Of course it has to match with an SP toilet,then it'll be perfect.

Welcome To The Ultimate Toilet Blog!!

Welcome!If you are reading this post now,then you probably are a toilet fan like me.Or you are simply curious...but whatever the reason,do enjoy your stay.

Just a little background about this blog...

As you can see,I am a fan of toilets.If you are one of the rare individuals like me,I would love to meet you.Please post a reply so that I can get to know you better.

This project has been in my mind for very long,till today,I decided to make it happend.I believe it's the one and only place throughout the whole internet that you'll see videos and pictures like this.

It has been my dream to have a site or blog with all my beloved toilets around the world.I have yet to travel the world.The pictures and videos that you see are mainly from Hong Kong,Singapore,Thailand and Malaysia.

Some of these toilets are actually extinct.You won't be able to find them again.Either that or they are pretty rare.There are some new ones as well.

Don't puke if you see any dirty ones.I tried my best to take the clean ones.But for certain cases,I wasn't able to find a clean one of that particular make and model.

With all that,I hope you enjoy these toilets as much as I do.

Yours Truly,