Friday, August 17, 2007

Malaysia's Johore Pipe Company

After looking at Singapore's Johore Pipe Company toilets,it's now time to look at Malaysia's Johore Pipe Company toilets.

From what I know,Malaysia has 2 types of squatting Johore Pipe Company toilets.One of them is shown in the photos below and the other type can also be found in Singapore.

The photos above and below show Malaysia's unique Johore Pipe Company.Go to any part of Malaysia,you should be able to find this type of squatting Johore Pipe Company toilet.So far,I have never found this toilet anywhere except Malaysia.

This toilet represents Malaysia,when you see one,you know that you are in Malaysia.But to be able to find one that works,it's a tough job.Most of them that are found are usually not working.

The toilet above is taken at Kek Lok Si in Penang.I believe this toilet will be demolished soon.When I was there,I saw a new toilet being constructed outside this one.Sad to say,back then I did not have my Nokia N80 handphone.If not,I would have shot a video of this toilet.

Now it looks like I got to make a trip down to Segamat Train Station to shoot it.There's a flushable one at Segamat Train Station.If not,I got search elsewhere to find it.

I tried searching Kuala Lumpur during my recent trip,but couldn't find any there.Anyway,with my determination,I believe I will be able to shoot a video of this type of toilet soon.So stay tuned.

The toilet below is the sitting version of Johore Pipe Company.This type can also be found in Singapore,though it's difficult nowdays.This toilet is at least 30 plus years old.

It can be found it quite a lot of places about 15 years ago.Now they are starting to get extinct.

The bottom is a closer view of the toilet.This toilet is located at a cafe in Jalan Sultan,Segamat,Johore.

Suprisingly they changed the squatting toilet but kept this one.I thought it would be good to snap a photo of it,since it is going extinct soon.

I am also looking for this toilet to shoot on video.All these photos were taken last year,when I didn't have my Nokia N80 yet.But do stay tuned,I'm looking out for them.Once I get them on video,I will upload them here.

Something For You To Laugh About...

After all the serious posts,here's something for you to laugh about.I had a good laugh too.

Singapore's Johore Pipe Company

Johore Pipe Company is Malaysia's national brand for toilets.It is very common to find Johore Pipe Company toilets around 10-15 years ago.But due to renovations and upgradings,it's not as common as before.

Malaysia has its own versions of Johore Pipe Company toilets.I will do a post on Malaysia's versions of Johore Pipe Company toilets.In this post,I will only show the Singapore versions.

Currently,to date,there are 5 types of squatting and 2 types of sitting Johore Pipe Company toilets in Singapore.

Out of the 6 types,2 of them are shown here.I am still trying to look for the other 4.But it won't be too difficult to find 3 of them as they are relatively new.The 2 types that you see here are among the oldest batch.

The oldest Johore Pipe Company toilet dates back to 1965.If you are lucky,you might be able to find them at the Old Airport Road housing estates.

The 2 types that you see here are from the late 1970s to mid 1980s.The picture you see below is the 1980s batch.The shape of the water hole is slightly from the late 1970s batch.You can compare them below.

The photo below was taken at a coffee shop at Balestier Road.It's quite difficult to find this type of Johore Pipe Company toilet these days.It was taken 3 years ago.

The photo below shows the late 1970s batch.If I am not wrong,this batch started in 1975 or 1977.This photo was taken at the Serangoon Bus Interchange.The toilet still exists today.But only the first cubicle is Johore Pipe Company.2nd cubicle is Potex and the 3rd cubicle is Sitting Armitage Shanks.

Johore Pipe Company is still one of my favourite brands up to this day.Although I used to like it more for a different reason.It is not the flushing sound,but the good luck it brings me.

Believe me or not.Whenever I encounter this toilet,that day was always lucky.Especially the 1980s batch.This toilet became my lucky charm after that.But that was the past.I used to welcome the sight of this toilet during my younger days.

If you look closely at the photo(1980s batch),it resembles a smiling face.Especially the bottom of the water hole.It looks like a double-chin person smiling.Probably I associated that with good luck during my younger days.

I managed to shoot a video of the late 1970s batch recently.This video was shot at 126 Eating House at Sims Avenue,Geylang.It is one of the few Johore Pipe Company toilets left today.I would try to shoot the other 3 types and post them here in the future.

If you are lucky enough,I might be able to find the 1965 batch.I will try to find it.Meanwhile,enjoy the video.

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Favourite Toilet In Singapore

You are probably wondering why are there 2 posts today...Well,2 reasons.Firstly,I am dying to write this post.Secondly,a friend requested that I write this post a few days ago.

What you see here is my favourite toilet in Singapore.Sad to say,this type of toilet is becoming extinct soon.

This toilet is located at Basement 1,Beauty World Center.It is one of the few squatting SPs that are around in Singapore.

SP is a local brand.It started off in the early 1970s.The brand logo was changed in the late 1970s.After the logo change,there were 4 different batches.The first batch was in the late 1970s.Second batch came in 1980 and lasted till 1981.Third batch lasted from 1982 to 1983.The last batch was between 1983 to 1984.

From 1985 onwards,Potex took over SP.The first batch of Potex looks exactly like the last batch of SP.

Later when viewing the video,you will hear the flushing sounds of each of these 3 toilets.The photo above is the cubicle on the extreme right.This is the 3rd batch of SP.The shape of the water is irregular.

This photo above shows the last(fourth) batch of SP,it is in the 2nd cubicle from the right.It looks exactly like a Potex.The difference is the flushing sound and the brand logo.

If you want to hear how a Potex sounds like,read the post on The Almost Perfect Toilet.

The photo above is the 4th cubicle from the right.You are probably wondering why I skipped the 3rd cubicle...

Reason:It's a CLAYTAN.Not SP.

Why do I condemn CLAYTANs?Well,I feel that original is always the best.I don't like toilets that are replaced.They feel so out of place.Toilets should be congruent with their eras.A late 1990s toilet bowl in a 1980s toilet is so out of place.

Anyway,the flushing sound of CLAYTAN sucks big time.

Back to my main topic.This 4th cubicle is also a 3rd batch SP.As usual,the water shape is irregular as compared to the 2nd cubicle.

One thing about Potex,the water shape is always regular.

Now,about the video...the flushing order is from left to right.The first flushing sound comes from the 4th cubicle,then the 2nd and finally the first cubicle on on the right.

The lighting is quite bad.If you need to see how the toilet look like,please scroll up.

The video was shot recently,but the photos were taken 3 years ago,in 2004.Thank God,the toilet is still the same.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Nan Pu Tuo Temple's Sensored Flush

This is quite an interesting toilet.That's why I find it worth featuring here.It's the very first sensor-flush toilet I came across in China.

This toilet is located at Nan Pu Tuo Temple.I guess that's the reason for a temple design.It is not located in the temple itself.You have to walk about 300 metres from the temple to reach it.But there's a big sign to guide you from the car park.

What you see above is the interior of the toilet.For the very first time,I see toilet door made of reflective metal.It's very rare to see a toilet with this kind of design.

The wordings on the door are "Care for public cleanliness".Which I feel is needed,especially in China.But despite the wordings,there's still a stench in the toilet.

This is the toilet itself.It looks very similar to Japan's TOTO.I believe there are also other brands with this design,just that I have yet to come across them.Taiwan and Japan have a lot of toilets which look like this.I have not been to Taiwan or Japan.But once I get a chance to visit those 2 countries,I will do a post on the different brands with this design.

The metal thing you see on the left wall is the sensor.I had a tough time shooting the video for this toilet.For it to flush,you have to stand in front of the sensor for at least 15 seconds,then move away.

After you view the video,you will understand why I had a tough time.The brand of this toilet is HCG.It is considered a new generation toilet.

So far,there are 2 models of HCG in Xiamen.This is the older model.But this looks nicer than the newer model.It sounds better too.

I will do a post on the newer model in future.Enjoy the video.