Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sitting Twyfords Rampart,One Of Its Kind.

Throughout my whole life,this is the one and only Twyfords Rampart that I ever come across.

It is a pity that they changed the flushing system to the push-button system,with the cistern.

But there wasn't any other choice.I had to take it or leave it.I decided to make do with the flushing system.Though it may not sound fantastic,it is still acceptable to me.

This photo was taken 3 years ago,at St Joseph's Church,143, Victoria Street.If you love old toilets like me,this is the place to visit.Both Twyfords were shot at this place.

It was only yesterday that I had a chance to shoot the video.I only bought my Nokia N80 in January this year.

Before the video,I'll touch a bit on the push-button cistern flushing system.Recently,the trend is to use the push-button cistern flushing system.Reason being that it saves more water.

As a toilet fan,I am not in favour of the push-button cistern flushing system because it spoils the flushing sound.If it is a push-button without the cistern,it's still ok.

Push-buttons without the cisterns are relatively powerful.Usually manufactured by TOTO or Rigel.These push-buttons sounds better than those with the cisterns.

Those with cisterns have limited water,as a result,the pressure is not high enough and the flush doesn't last.

The only type of cistern flushing system that I feel is the best is the high level cisterns with handles.Those are the best.Flushing sound is good.You can hear the beginning,the climax and the end of the flush.

Compare the flushing sound of this toilet and the one in the previous post.You will know what I mean.

Enjoy the video.

1920s Squatting Twyfords,St Joseph's Church,Victoria Street

After learning my lesson,as you have read from my previous post,I decided to seize all opportunities FAST.

What you see below is an 80 plus year old toilet.Although the toilet may look new with the tiles,the toilet bowl is still original.

Twyfords originated from Britain.This toilet has been around since British rule.In fact,most of the older toilets in Singapore are actually from Britain.

Brands like Royal Doulton,Twyfords,Shanks,Straits,Armitage Shanks and Victory.
Currently,there are actually 2 of such toilets in Singapore.This is one of them.The other one is at Ellington Building,Selegie Road.

Ellington Building was built in 1924.Go to the Indian Eating House at the right corner of the building and you would be able to find the toilet.

I planned to shoot that one because it looks more authentic.The floor tiles are the original old ones.However,that toilet has broken down for a long time and the owners did not fix it.

I had to abandon plan and shoot this instead.But this one sounds great too.

View the video and you'll understand what I mean...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Goodbye Victory...You Will Be Missed And Always Remembered.

Saturday,13th October 2007,7:30 p.m.

I was on my way to shoot the last squatting Victory that I knew in Singapore.But to my shock and surprise,it was gone.

The coffee shop at Block 87,Whampoa Drive was renovated.Completely renovated.

The squatting Victory that you see below is gone...gone forever.In it's place is a squatting Saniton.

This toilet is believed to be at least 35 to 40 years old.It shares the same unique flushing sound as it's Hong Kong counterpart.

It is a real pity that I am unable to shoot a video of this toilet flushing.But I guess life's like that,when you fail to take action fast enough,the opportunity won't wait for you.

In certain cases,the opportunity will come back.In other cases,it will be gone forever.

Though I feel sad,I'm still happy that at least I have this photo as a memory.There are other toilets which I don't even have photos of,and they are gone forever.

Back in the 1980s,it was quite easy to find this type of toilets.For memory's sake,I will list their locations out...

1.Tai Chung Emporium,Blk 40B Commonwealth Avenue.

2.Crown Restaurant,Blk 40B Commonwealth Avenue.

3.Henderson Crescent Flats.

4.Alexandra Road Market and Food Center,Across Henderson Crescent.

5.Lee Nam Kee Chicken Rice,Blk 94 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh.

6.NTUC Supermarket,Blk 192 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh.

7.Loy Sum Juan Restaurant,Blk 31 Outram Park.

8.Coffee Shop,Blk 87 Whampoa Drive.

These are the 8 locations that I know.There may be more.However,all these places are either demolished or renovated.

If you happend to know where I can find a squatting Victory like this one,please let me know.I will be very grateful to you.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Squatting Royal Doultons Of Singapore

It has been awhile since I last updated this blog.2 Reasons.Firstly,I was really busy with work.Secondly,I didn't find any toilets worthy of shooting.

You might be disappointed because there is no video for this post.

A new friend I made recently inspired me to do this post.I didn't know that around the world,there existed someone who was like me.Who liked the same type of toilets.

In this post,you will learn about the Royal Doultons of Singapore.Royal Doulton is a British brand.I'm not sure when this brand originated.But the first 2 toilets you see below (with the elaborate logo) belong to the 1950s era.

The one you see below is taken from the Chinese Drama Center along Middle Road.I might be able to shoot a video of this as the building is still accessible.

However,the design is quite common.The SPs,Mask Brands and Potexes look like this.Flushing sound wise it is nothing impressive.But it's really rare to find nowdays.

The photo that you see below is a real discovery.It is the very first time I saw this type of toilet.I didn't know that Royal Doulton has this kind of design.It looks a little like the first batch of Victorys in Hong Kong.

This photo was taken at the old Nanyang Fine Arts Academy,Middle Road.I'm sorry that the video will not be avaliable as this building has been closed.If they reopen it,I definitely shoot a video of this toilet.

The photo below shows the brand logo.It wasn't obvious in the photo above.I had to squat down to take this photo.

All those Royal Doultons above belong to the 1950s era.The old generation of Royal Doultons.How many different models of Royal Doulton are there?I wish I knew the answer.If you know it,please tell me or share any photos.I'll be grateful.

Next,you'll look at the last batch of Royal Doultons in Singapore.This photo was taken at Centerpoint Shopping Center,Level 5A Car Park toilet.

The whole building was renovated in the mid 1990s.This is the original toilet of the building,which was built in 1983.

When I was younger,as a kid,I used to like this toilet very much.Because it was the one and only in Singapore.You can't find this anywhere else in Singapore.

In fact,that was the first time and only time I saw this model of Royal Doultons.The flushing sound is nice.

I hope that this toilet is still around.I will try my best to shoot a video of this.

This toilet resembles the latest batch of Twyfords in Hong Kong.I wonder if Twyfords took over Royal Doulton?Or are they trying to bring back the old design?

However,the flushing sound of the Twyfords can't compare with this one.

Anyway,I hope you enjoyed this post.I will try to get more videos as soon as possible.