Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Armitage Shanks Family Part 3 Square Squatting - Lei Yue Mun Ling Nan Sun Cheun Public Toilet

Today,you will look at the 3rd part of the Armitage Shanks Family Series.This time round,you will be looking at toilets from Hong Kong and Malaysia.The square squatting Armitage Shanks.This post is actually a 2-in-1 post.I am also featuring one public toilet I visited during my recent trip to Hong Kong.

It so happened that this public toilet has the square squatting Armitage Shanks.I will introduce the square squatting Armitage Shanks,then move on to the featured public toilet.

The square squatting Armitage Shanks has been around since the mid 1990s.It is a very common sight in Malaysia.Especially on the North South Expressway.Almost every rest area you stop over has this type of toilet.But they are mostly flushed by valve.

For the cisterns flushes,you can find them at the shopping malls.It is quite easy to find them as they are very common.

In Hong Kong,it is a little bit tougher to find them,as the toilets are renovated quite often.In the mid 1990s,they were quite common.Most of the public toilets of that era have this type of toilet.They are either flushed by stepping on a pedal,or handles on the wall,or exposed cisterns.

Nowdays,due to extensive renovation,this type of toilets are getting lesser.However,there is a new batch of them.One has the latest Armitage Shanks logo while the other uses the brand Johnson Suisse.

I will feature the Johnson Suisse ones in another post,as my current post is strictly on Armitage Shanks.However,I have included a photo of the new batch of square squatting Armitage Shanks.If you feel impatient,you can scroll down right now to the last photo of the post to look at it.

Now,I will move on to the featured public toilet.Introducing...Ling Nam Sun Cheun Public Toilet of Lei Yue Mun.As you can see from the photo below,this toilet is newly renovated.

But looking at the toilet bowl itself,you might have second thoughts.Are you thinking about the same thing as me?

Yes,you are right.This toilet underwent a facelift.The exterior and tiles were renovated,but the bowl remains the same.

As I have mentioned earlier,this toilet belongs to the mid 1990s era.Looking at the exterior and the tiles,the bowl and its surroundings are not congruent.The exterior and the tiles belong to the new millenium.

I didn't not expect to see this bowl before I went into the toilet.I expected to see a new Twyfords,or some metallic bowl.In fact,there are about 4 of such bowls and 1 sitting bowl in this toilet.The toilet is relatively clean.

Coming up next is the video of this toilet...

You would probably agree that the flushing sound is quite screwed up.I had to step on the pedal twice to get it flushing.I suspect that there is no cistern because I didn't have to exert a lot of force when I stepped on it the first time.

However,the second time,I had to step and put my foot there.If I let go of my foot,the flushing stops immediately.I suspect that instead of a cistern,the toilet is flushed by a valve.

Let me explain why I came to this conclusion...

1.Basing on experience,when there's a cistern,you have to exert more force on the pedal.

2.After exerting the force on the pedal,you can let go and the toilet will flush by itself all the way until the cistern empties itself.It will not stop flushing the moment you let go of the pedal.

3.The flushing sound doesn't sound like a cistern flush.

Anyway,I hope to be able to video a toilet of this type and model with a cistern.If I go to Hong Kong again,I'll probably go over to Ah Kung Ngam Road Public Toilet where it has this type of toilet with a cistern.

Coming up next is the new batch of square squatting Armitage Shanks on photo.It looks exactly the same as its predecessor,except the brand logo.

The new batch's brand logo is facing outwards instead of upwards.Armitage Shanks seem to be going back in time,instead of following the trend of brand logos facing upwards.

I apologise that there is no video for this one as I took this photo about a year ago and back then I didn't have my video camera.

This photo was taken at Shing Ho Road Public Toilet & Bathhouse,Sha Tin,New Terrotories,Hong Kong.It is a newly renovated toilet.

In the next part,you will be looking at the smallest Armitage Shanks squatting toilets.My main computer is down at the moment.I am using my laptop to do this post.The photos are in the main computer.I will only be able to do the next post after my computer resumes operation.Till then,stay tuned!


James said...

This one is intereting, the older logo is facing up like the newer ones but the newer logo is facing out. You'd think they'd be the opposite but like you said, they seem to be going back in time. I've never seen that before but if I do, I'll snap a photo of it.

Marco The Great said...

Yes,that probably applies to the squatting ones only.I have seen the sitting ones that you posted on youtube,they seem to be facing upwards.

Sandee said...

i was actually googling toliet for my apt and found ur blog.

very interesting site~! I can't believe someone would actually blog about toliets! =)

Marco The Great said...
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Marco The Great said...

Thank you for your kind words,sandee.I'm planning to do a series of posts on Hong Kong's Public Toilets.

Enjoy your stay here and stay tuned for more toilet updates.:)

If you are looking for a toilet for your apt,I think Victory is a good brand.There's a shop in Yuen Long which specializes in this brand of toilets.

James said...

Yes, I've only seen sitting Armitage Shanks with the logo facing upwards, even the older logos face up.

Jessica said...

Check out this website for some pretty cool toilets if I do say so myself... www.plumbersurplus.com They also have some bidets!

gertrude said...

very nice!!!
i myself am also an experienced toilet extraudinaire. all of your standards are very interesting..i also look for these sorts of things in my restroom adventures!
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dancilhoney said...

Even the bowl is like this I think it is really important in every comfort room to have a stainles steel toilet partitions in this way people will feel safe when using it.

mike said...
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mike said...
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