Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Armitage Shanks Family Part 4 - The Baby Of The Family,Small Pear-Shaped Squatting

Whew,finally had a chance to continue with the very last part of this series on the Armitage Shanks family.I actually wanted to finish this before the end of 2007,but unfortunately my computer was down.

Thank God,it is finally up.I can start blogging on my beloved toilets again.

In this post,you will look at the last member of the flushable squatting Armitage Shanks family.This is actually the baby of the family.I call it the baby because it is the smallest among all the squatting toilets.

As you can see later,there are only 2 batches of this type of toilet,the older batch was manufactured as early as 1983,while the newer batch was manufactured somewhere in the early 1990s.

The baby of the Armitage Shanks family can be found in a few countries,namely Singapore,Malaysia and Hong Kong.Among the 3 countries,it is the most commonly found in Malaysia and the least common in Singapore.

I have included photos of each representative from each country.Coming up first is the representative from Singapore.

This toilet is found at Level 6 Car Park of Center Point Shopping Center.Center Point was built in 1983.As you can see,this toilet is 25 years old,if it is still around.

This photo was taken 3 years ago.I don't know if the toilet is still around today.Maybe I'll drop by and try to video it when I get the chance.If I'm not wrong,this is the one and only place in Singapore where you can find this type of toilet.

Next,the photo below is the representative from Hong Kong.This photo show the newer batch of this type.Notice the difference in the logo?The newer logo has a 'A' beside the words.

This toilet is located at Shatin KCR Station,New Territories,Hong Kong.This photo was also taken 3 years ago.I don't think this toilet is still around.Because when I was there,this is the only cubicle with this toilet,the rest have been changed to Kimware.

Shatin KCR Station was opened on 6th May 1982.I strongly believe before this toilet,there is another generation of toilets here.Because this toilet belongs to the 1990s era,not the 1980s era.

Last but not least,you can see the representative from Malaysia.Malaysia has the largest number of the Small Pear-Shaped Armitage Shanks.It is especially common in Penang.Walk into any coffee shop,you are almost certain to find this type of toilet.

However,this photo was not taken in Penang.It was taken in Kuala Lumpur,at Lai Foong Eating House along Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock.As you can see from the mosaics in the photo,this toilet was replaced.

I was wondering what was the original toilet like.This building was built in 1953.I'm still trying to find out what are Malaysia's old toilets like.

This is also from the newer batch.The good news about this one is that I have captured it on video.I personally like the flushing sound of it.Do you share the same view as me?Find out by viewing the video...


James said...

I think I prefer the small pear shaped over the others, the shape seems appealing and flush. I agree on the sound on the video, it is good, yes. Pressure seems high.

Marco The Great said...

Yes,I share your sentiments.Among all the Armitage Shanks,this is also my favorite.Armitage Shanks toilets are too common for me,except this one.
It was love at first sight.

toilet man said...

the sound is good and the power would take out a dogs teeth

Emily Bounds said...

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Joel Krueger said...
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