Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kwun Tong Road Public Toilet - Where Twyfords & Victory Become Brothers

This is a continuation of my series on Hong Kong's Public Toilets.During my visit to Hong Kong last December,I have visited a good number of public toilets.I will try my best to include each one here.

Today,you will look at the public toilet where Twyfords and Victory become brothers.If you know about these 2 brands of toilets,you might feel puzzled.How can Victory be related to Twyfords?

Well,I was puzzled too,when I visited this public toilet.

Kwun Tong Road Public Toilet is an easy find.It is located along Kwun Tong Road,behind the bus terminus.This toilet is also quite busy.Cleanliness is average.

Now,look at the photo below.That's a Twyfords.It is the first time I came across a squatting Twyfords like this.It looks quite similar to the squatting Victory,which used to be quite common in Hong Kong.

Now,look at the photo below...that's the squatting Victory.Both toilets look really similar don't they?And they are actually side by side of each other.This is the reason for the title of this post.

All these toilets are flushed by push-buttons.This is also the first time I came across a push-button Victory.The Victorys usually come with cisterns.Take a look at my collection of toilets at YouTube and you'll know what I mean.

But anyway,it is video time.Coming up first is the Twyfords in the first photo...

The flushing is quite short.As usual,push-button flushes are short.Coming up next is the Victory with push-button flush...

I personally feel that the Victory sounds better with a cistern.With the push-button,it loses it's traditional flushing sound.What is your opinion?

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